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Bdin IV

The river.

        She runs and

        sweeps away

        our walls,



                and dams.

                The river.

         She demolishes

        and desecrates

        our buildings,



and pedestals.

The river.

            She drags away

            and effaces

            our family


                family trees,

                domestic relics.

                    The river.

            She opens up

            and resurrects




and graves

                and our

                living bodies

                she locks

                in stifling


                And our ships


                and we scream

                but our throats

                fill with water    

                and in the depths

                our Voice

                dies away...


                O, the river!

                She is so


                light and ethereal,

                yet how badly it hurts

                when she kills.

                And we don't have

                 a chance,

                since she is everything

                     to us,

                 our Death,

                and our happiness,

                 our Eternity


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